Unique experiences at Villa Stenberg and nearby

Sauna and hot tub - relax the Finnish way

The Finnish way of relaxation is best enjoyed with an indoor sauna and an outdoor hot tub. On a clear night, you can take in the beauty of the stars twinkling above while luxuriating in the warmth of the hot tub.

The Villa and Beach House both boast indoor saunas and outdoor hot tubs, with the Beach House's hot tub only accessible when the lake is unfrozen, as the water is from the pristine Lohja lake. 

The Villa has also an indoor jacuzzi. 

Enjoy clean lake water

Dive into the lake! The Beach House is situated next to a pristine lake and it is a short stroll from the Villa to the lake. Our little visitors always enjoy the pleasant sandy beach and shallow waters.

Villa Stenberg is located by the biggest lake in Southern Finland. We offer our guests four SUP boards and a rowing boat to explore the wonders of the lake.

Game on!

Break a sweat at the full size beach volley court by the lake or take it easy by playing petanque and Mölkky. 

In case you are not familiar with Mölkky here are some fun facts. Every Finn knows Mölkky game, a game that has been played for centuries. It was originally played in Karelia, a region that covers parts of Russia and Finland. The players throw a karttus (a club resembling a baseball bat) at kyykkäs (small cylindrical skittles) to knock them out of their own game square. The team who needs the fewest throws wins. Traditionally, the winners would get to ride on the backs of the losing team!

Organized group activities

Fun activities for bachelor parties, a night out with a group of friends, birthdays and team building.

Our activity partner Erämatkat specializes in outdoor group activities. For groups who want physical activity and fun competitions, our partner recommends Olympic-style games or wilderness survival challenges. More calm activities include paddling on the lake and nature yoga.

Read more about the activities and find contact details for Erämatkat

Activities for children on the premises

Surrounded with a safety net, a large trampoline is a big attraction among our little guests during the summer season. As is the clean lake with shallow shores and sandy beach.

Villa's jacuzzi is everyones' favourite winter and summer.

Children also enjoy exploring the forest and taking a hike to the top of the hill, path starts next to the Villa. 

Our toy box includes toys for all ages. 

Kisakallio Sport Insitute

Just 2km away Kisakallio Sport Institute offers both indoor and outdoor sports. From different ball games to nature trips and adventure treks and from swimming to curling.

Visit Kisakallio web site for more information:

Activities for groups

Activities for holiday guests

Karnaistenkorpi trail

Less than 2 km away you can find the atmosphere of wilderness with large crags connected by valleys, patches of marshland, quietly flowing forest streams and two beautiful forest ponds. Karnaistenkorpi is the largest recreation area in Lohja. Enjoy the silence of nature and feel the wilderness.

The trail offers a fairytale setting for both quiet walks, exciting adventures for the children, and orienteers training for competitions.

Download nature trail map from Lohja city web pages

700 year old Lohja city

Only 20 minutes away, the city of Lohja has a wide range of services for leisure and activity hungry travellers. Visit Lohja for shopping, dining, cafes, indoor swimming, tennis, bowling, golfing, movies, concerts and much more. 

More information about Lohja

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